“April 2017 : Intensification of the Company’s international development with the appointment of a new CEO : Mrs Nawal Ouzren”
“Sensorion aims to become a major player in the development of inner ear disease treatments of and thus fulfill unmet medical needs”
"Our mission is to develop innovative and targeted treatments for inner ear diseases with vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss"
" Sensorion, has received “French Tech Pass” certification, and thus joins an exclusive circle of innovative French technology companies with substantial development potential"

Our strategy

A strategy to rapidly access an unmet market worth over 10 billion dollars*

Sensorion is aiming to become a major player in the treatment of inner ear pathologies, a large nascent market whose worldwide potential is estimated at over 10 billion dollars*.

Sensorion targets sizeable unmet medical needs, as no drug currently provides an efficient solution to these highly-debilitating pathologies that affect more than 140 million patients worldwide*. Its strategy consists in rapidly developing a diverse portfolio of products that meet this major need thanks to:

  • a reduction in development time and risks for the initial preclinical and clinical phases by choosing known molecules that have already completed critical and clinical pharmaceutical development stages;
  • a choice of easy-to-administer treatments, notably tablets or capsules taken orally and non-invasive treatments, in order to easily treat the greatest possible number of patients.

(*) Source: Alcimed, Sensorion