“April 2017 : Intensification of the Company’s international development with the appointment of a new CEO : Mrs Nawal Ouzren”
“Sensorion aims to become a major player in the development of inner ear disease treatments of and thus fulfill unmet medical needs”
"Our mission is to develop innovative and targeted treatments for inner ear diseases with vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss"
" Sensorion, has received “French Tech Pass” certification, and thus joins an exclusive circle of innovative French technology companies with substantial development potential"

Vertigo Crisis

Vertigo is a subjective sensation of movement during which patients experience a feeling of losing balance, turning/spinning of themselves or surrounding objects.  Although an inner ear problem is only rarely considered, 2/3 cases of vertigo have a vestibular origin. The remaining third is due to central causes such as tumour or CNS disorders.

Depending on duration and severity, vertigo can represent a serious disability.  Loss of balance causes a loss of autonomy and the dizzy sensation limits people from walking or driving and is responsible for both loss of work and reduced productivity.  Vertigo is therefore a large socio-economic burden for which the current therapies do not offer specific solutions. Vertigo is a symptom common to different types of inner ear damage.