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Migraine-associated vertigo

Patients with migraine may have recurrent attacks of vertigo which vary in duration and severity (from a few seconds to 2-3 days).  These attacks may occur independently of the attack of migraine per se (in up to 50% of cases).

A retrospective epidemiogical study of 444 patients with migraine showed that vestibular migraine occurred in 17% of cases.  It is the second leading cause of vertigo in migraine patients after VPPB.  It occurs predominantly in women and the average age at the time of diagnosis is 43.7 years old.

The pathophysiological origin of migraine-associated vertigo has not been clearly established and may involve central (brain) or peripheral (vestibular) structures.

The treatments available are only symptomatic and are only intended to reduce the intensity and severity of the acute attacks.