Nawal Ouzren

Chief Executive Officer

With 15 years of experience in operational and strategic management within the pharmaceutical industry, Mrs. Ouzren started out at Baxter, where she was Strategy and Operational Excellence Manager, Quality Operations Director and Senior Director Strategy before becoming Vice President of the BioSimilars business unit. In 2014, she became Vice President of the Global Hemophilia Franchise at Baxalta, which had been incorporated within the Shire group. In 2016, she headed up the Global Genetic Diseases Franchise at Shire, where she supervised all marketing, business and strategy aspects of this global division’s product portfolio.

nawal ouzren

Jonas Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen, PhD

VP Research and Translational Development

With over 15 years of international experience in central nervous system and inner ear research & development, Dr. Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen’s proficiency in pathological dysfunction and neurodegenerative cell death has proven central to the company’s direction and growth. His expertise ranges from mathematical modeling and single neuron electrophysiology to functional measurements in vivo. As the Head of Pharmacology of Sensorion, Dr. Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen is inventor on several patents for treatment of inner ear disease and integrates a broad scientific expertise with an appreciation for the unmet medical need in the daily lives of patients, driving the search for targeted innovative treatments. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Düsseldorf and Master’s Degree in Biophysics from the University of Copenhagen, followed by work as a research fellow at the University of California-Irvine and Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital.

jonas dyhrfjeld johnsen

Aurore Brugeaud, PhD

Operations Manager
A specialist in both operational management and innovative scientific study, Dr. Brugeaud offers a unique, valuable skillset hard to come by in the industry. She has accrued an eclectic experience at Sensorion, holding positions in areas ranging from biopharmaceutical R&D to project management. Because of her continued success in her many placements across the organization, Aurore was promoted to oversee the entirety of the R&D site operations. Dr. Brugeaud has been an integral component to the company’s development from its inception, and her rare combination of talents and competencies have helped Sensorion mature into the seminal institution it is today. Her diverse contributions have rendered her the central link between all activity and business within the company, spanning all departmental affairs and external communications. She received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Sciences of Montpellier, and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Eaton Peabody Laboratory at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary/Harvard Medical School


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